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undergoing or contemplating living kidney donation

Patient Stories

Friends for life

My friend Sarah (Sare) is like a sister to me. We’ve known each other since we were kids, and shared many experiences growing up.

Sare found out she had lupus when she was about 21. She’s been dealing with this awful illness for many years, with incredible grace and fortitude. When she told me that the lupus was attacking her kidneys, and that she’d need to find a donor or go on dialysis, I could see she was struggling with the shocking news...

Jill Gilks and her Donor Sister Penny Evans

Jill from the northern beaches of Sydney had a rare anatomical abnormality – she was missing some of her organs, including her right kidney. At the age of 66 when her renal condition started to get worse, a transplant was the recommended course of action. But where would she find a donor...

Mike’s story: The Older Donor

Living kidney donor Mike is passionate about organ and tissue donation and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the Living Kidney Donor Program (LKDP) up and running...

I shared my spare... to whom?

John Roberts lives in far Northern NSW with his wife, Tania and their three of their six children. John is a registered nurse, a profession which at its core attracts people who are interested in the health, welfare and the care of others.

John has taken this approach in a most personal way, supported all along the way by his wife Tania and their children...

Louise and Jason: Living unrelated donors

This young couple are advocates for living organ donation and how it impacted on their young family

If you had to risk a kidney failure to have a child or have no children knowing that later you may need a kidney transplant or be on dialysis, what would you do?

Living non related kidney donation: Wife to Husband

Does donating a kidney have long term effects on you and your health?

Vicki donated to her husband over 5 years ago. She is fit and well and enjoying life to the full. Read her thoughts and about her life many years after donating a kidney.

Living non related kidney donation: Sister to Brother

After the operation, I felt joy ,just like a mother with her newborn. It made me very happy to see my brother back to his normal life, that kind of happiness and satisfaction feeling I cannot express by writing or speech.

Art v Science's Jim Finn writes solo album while recovering from kidney failure

The popular Sydney musician had to go on dialysis last March and underwent a kidney transplant six months later after returning from the band's American tour.